The following credits were confirmed by the societies:

Society August 23, 2024 August 24, 2024 Total
SNS | Swiss Neurological Society 8 Credits 4 Credits 12 Credits
SSNS | Swiss Society of Neurosurgery 8 Credits 4 Credits 12 Credits
SANP/ASNP/SVNP | Swiss Association of Neuropsychology 8 Credits 4 Credits 12 Credits
SSNP | Swiss Society of Neuropediatrics 6 Credits 3 Credits 9 Credits
SSR | Swiss Society of Radiology 4 Credits 2 Credits 6 Credits

The 5th SFCNS Summer School 2024 was not accredited by the SSCN | Swiss Society of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Confirmations of participation will be sent by email after the congress.
Please note the following:
Confirmations of attendance will be issued per congress day attended. The prerequisite for this is a daily, personal check-in at the Self Check-in stations on-site.